As one of the largest Private Client stockbroking firm in Nigeria, we have the expertise and experience to help our clients successfully achieve their investment objectives. Our business ethos is based on the recognition that no two clients are the same and, consequently, we offer the following services:


TRW Stockbrokers Ltd stands in the forefront as one of the foremost stockbroking firm of choice. We act as intermediary between the buyers and sellers of company shares on the floor of the Nigerian Exchange as well as the OTC-NASD (Over The Counter) market.
We provide both Retail and Institutional investors the opportunity to buy and sell equities.
TRW have seasoned and professional employees to cater to all your investment needs.


At TRW we have experienced professionals who can manage your portfolio irrespective of the investing category you fall into. The professional will advise on a portfolio that meet your need and you can be sure never to be disappointed.


As stockbrokers we are able to give investment advice that you will be pleased with. Our experience over the years in the capital market is unparalled. Be sure to get the best investment advice from us on all your investment needs.


Do you have a loved one that has passed and you do not know what to do or how to handle his/her Estate with respect to his/her shares? It does not matter whether he/she died interstate or have a Will, we take the burden off your shoulders as we will help you put your loved ones Portfolio together and ensure all shares and dividend accrued to the beneficiary is successfully transferred and paid accordingly.


Why don’t you start planning your retirement now?
With TRW Stockbrokers Ltd, our seasoned Professionals are sure to build you a Retirement Portfolio that will guaranty you streams of income long after you have left active service.

OTC Market (NASD)

Do you have shares that are not listed on the Nigerian Exchange that you want to dispose of? The OTC-NASD market is the place. TRW will provide you that platform to trade your shares on the Alternative market seamlessly. Call our seasoned professionals today


TRW will provide you the needed platform if you want to trade by yourself and manage your account yourself via our FIX (eTrader) trading platform.
It links you directly to the floor of the Nigerian Exchange on line real time where you have the opportunity to connect with other traders and place your mandates directly (Buy & Sell).
Why not try our eTrader platform today? It’s an experience you are guaranteed to love.